Posted by Eric Sorensen

Matt Barnes and Snoop Dogg Showed up in good spirits with a friendly competitive attitudeout the gates

Snoop showed mad respect for his friend and partner Matt Barnes

Red came in hot and flexin

There were media and celebrity hosts everywhere covering the event

DJ Kiss wass in full effect representing

FAith Hill came out to support with her family
The amazing beautiful family enjoy the day the game and all of thier favorite celebrities having fun on the feild
Reppin the LA PALM Snapback Hat
DJ KIss, Ray J and Steve Lobel
Snoop announcing his team
No need for an introduction to these super stars getting ready to compete
Matt is gathering up his team who are scattered around the field running patterens
Always keeping it G
You all know whit it is
MAc Lucci signs out to an amazing day BLVD Supply and says go support and we will SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!