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You've seen them all on BET or MTV – our favorite rappers like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and even Macklemore. All of these rappers love to wear their sweatshirts and they always look so fresh and fly. Here are three easy ways to make your sweatshirts look fly, not silly.

1.  Choose a bold pattern – This is the most important step. It sounds easy enough, just picking out a flashy pattern. But without caution, you can easily end up looking silly and anything but fly. Do some digging before buying to see what's "in." At the moment, many rappers are donning sweatshirts that feature nature patterns such as palm trees that represent LA, herb leaves, and rose buds. Money and dollar signs are also a well-known staple of hip hop sweatshirts. Also, remember that what looks fly on one person may look silly on another. Make sure to try on any piece before you toss the receipt.

2.  Color-coordinate your outfit – This is one hack that you may not have considered (but which a lot of hip hop stars totally use). By color-coordinating your outfit, you'll be able to wear bold and flashy patterns without looking over-the-top. For instance, if you're wearing a sweatshirt that features a red pattern printed all over a black sweatshirt, coordinate by wearing black pants and red sneakers. Try to keep the number of colors to a minimum. Too many colors can be overwhelming and distracting. The main focus should be on your patterns, not the number of colors you choose to wear.

3.  Keep it baggy – Let's face the facts: fitted sweatshirts just aren't a part of the hip hop style. If you really want to stay true to the style, you'll want your hoodie to be baggy. Opt for a hoodie that is no less than two sizes larger than your true size. You want to look put together, but at the same time laidback. This is all part of the hip hop culture and attitude. Hip hop is about keeping it real and not letting anything to get to you. This is precisely what your sweatshirt should say about you.

What does your favorite hip hop sweatshirt look like?


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