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Football. Americans can't get enough of it. The season just ended, but what with trade announcements, rabid fans are not letting go. But there are other ways to express your enthusiasm. For those who want to emulate their favorite football stars, there's no better way than dressing like them. Here at BLVD Supply, we're spotlighting one of our favorites – Robert Alford, cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons. Here's how to get his look:

1.  Go dark. One of the essential parts of Alford's look is his choice to wear a lot of black and other dark shades. Simple and tough, dark colors give your wardrobe just the right blend of carefree and brooding. Choose blacks, dark blues and slate grays to achieve the color palette that will draw eyes and keep you looking effortlessly street-savvy. Check out Alford sporting our Corpo Coach Jacket, which you can totally buy to steal his look! Or opt for our Fino Varsity Jacket for a similar style that isn't copycatting.

2.  Get fresh. Any good street style icon has one essential staple: fresh kicks. Robert Alford is no different. How are your kicks looking these days? If they are looking a bit beaten and worn out, toss them aside and replace them with a fresh pair now! Compared to your outerwear and/or your t-shirt, these can be a bit more basic, but make sure they stand out! Simple work boots (like those shown above) can be just as eye-popping as a pair of purple sneakers when set against the dark jacket, tee, and pants that the football star usually wears. With a fresh pair of kicks like these, you'll be well on your way to capturing Alford's casual cool.

3.  Go Minimalist. If you want to look like Robert Alford, you'll want to choose understated pieces – not loud ones. Avoid shirts, pants, and jackets with really busy patterns and lots of shiny bits. Instead, buy pieces with simple logos or ironic messages or images. A little goes a long way with this style, so make it count! To complete this look, choose a t-shirt like one of those pictured below.


4.  Top it off. No street look is complete without a killer hat to top it off. As we said before, go with something in a dark color without too much in the way of pattern. A sports-style beanie would work well here or skate hats like our Trees 3 Snapback Hat would make a statement and complete your streetwise look. 

What do you love the most about Robert Alford's unique sense of style? When you wear any or all of these items, you'll be able to express just how much you love the sport, the player, and the intense, yet super-simple street look! Check out our other inventory at BLVD Supply today for more style inspiration!


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