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Depending on where you live, it me be barely starting to warm up or you may still be buried under a couple feet of snow and ice. Either way, don't let the weather get you down because hot new hip hop tee shirt styles are already showing up, even with summer still a few months away.

As we all know, some of the best hip hop styles undoubtedly come from BLVD. BLVD is no newcomer on the hip hop scene and offers threads that represent a way of life and offer the best way to display your own personal style. It's about a mentality of kicking it with friends and living for the good moments instead of paying attention to the haters. That's an image worth wearing.

But BLVD isn't just about ideas. They have the looks to back it up. BLVD's hip hop tee shirt line has been an innovator and is always known for delivering the highest quality goods. The lineup has long included both traditional tees with a print on the front as well as the infamous mafia tees that hang low and feature a full-length screen print design. BLVD also was among the pioneers who started designing the mafia tees with offset color sleeves, like a baseball tee from back in the day. That just takes style to a whole other level and makes your tee shirt look like more than a tee shirt.

So where is all this going? Well, BLVD just unveiled their new Spring and Summer collection for 2015. This line of tee shirts is off the hook. They've got a few different styles going on, but all of them are fresh and what we'd expect from the Boulevard.

What stands out at a glance is that a lot of BLVD's summer tees are subtle. Even though it's warm out, they're saying you can still look cool with a classic black and white design. They know a lot of cats are going to be strutting around in eight different colors, and the guy with the simple black tee is going to be the one who stands out for having style. Our favorite of these subtle looks is actually the gray one, though—a simple white logo on a medium gray background that just sort of shrugs and says cool.


That doesn't mean BLVD can't bring the brightness. About half the lineup features summer colors straight out of Miami. A lot of these still bring the black background, mixing up a simple tee shirt with a stunning design. Our favorites, the Stunt 3 and the Troublemakers design (pictured above), both use Caribbean blue and sun tan sepia over a dark background.

Do you have a favorite hip hop tee from BLVD? Give us a shout out and let us know!


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