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Everybody’s trying to capitalize on hip hop music and fashion these days but some of us know there’s more to hip hop than just the trends. Image does matter in hip hop though and that’s why you have to find a hip hop clothing store that will meet your needs. And every true hip hop store is going to offer five things:

  • Fashion with a message. In the hip hop community what you wear isn’t just there to cover yourself. It’s there to send a statement. Hip hop is about living a life that isn’t controlled by the mainstream authorities. A life that is driven by seeking a better existence for yourself. It’s about being true to who you are especially when other people are hating on you. So a good hip hop clothing store has to stand for that message too. They need to put the ideas of independence and truth in everything they sell. In other words the clothing they offer has to speak the same message that you speak, everywhere you go.

  • Clothing that suits your lifestyle. What kind of life do you lead and what’s the life you want to lead? Hip hop clothing should fit the life of your dreams whether that means clubbing all night, kicking it at the beach or just doing your thing around the neighborhood. Hip hop clothing doesn’t embody any one type or style of fashion but it should always fit the lifestyle that you want to pursue.

  • The right price. Okay, we’ve talked about the big picture now let’s talk about the cash. Too much of the hip hop clothing out there is EXPENSIVE. Yes it’s important to look good but you don’t need to go broke doing it especially when you have other needs. Some hip hop clothing stores seem to think that once they put their logo on something it’s worth its weight in gold. Others aim to make the clothing affordable for real people to wear. That’s always the best kind of store to look for because it doesn’t just mean you get more swag for you money, it also means they know their audience and they’re looking out for you.

  • Responsible manufacturing. This is something we don’t talk enough about in the hip hop community. As a people we’re against exploitation but how often do we ask where our clothing comes from? True hip hop stores try to produce as much of their clothing domestically in the USA as possible and pay their workers a fair wage.

  • STYLE. Okay this is ultimately what it comes down to. You gotta walk out there looking good. If a label doesn’t have style then everything else is a wash.

What do you look for in your hip hop fashion?


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