• How to Make Your Sweatshirts Look Fly

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    You've seen them all on BET or MTV – our favorite rappers like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and even Macklemore. All of these rappers love to wear their sweatshirts and they always look so fresh and fly. Here are three easy ways to make your sweatshirts look fly, not silly.

    1.  Choose a bold pattern – This is the most important step. It sounds easy enough, just picking out a flashy pattern. But without caution, you can easily end up looking silly and anything but fly. Do some digging before buying to see what's "in." At the moment, many rappers are donning sweatshirts that feature nature patterns such as palm trees that represent LA, herb leaves, and rose buds. Money and dollar signs are also a well-known staple of hip hop sweatshirts. Also, remember that what looks fly on one person may look silly on another. Make sure to try on any piece before you toss the receipt.

    2.  Color-coordinate your outfit – This is one hack that you may not have considered (but which a lot of hip hop stars totally use). By color-coordinating your outfit, you'll be able to wear bold and flashy patterns without looking over-the-top. For instance, if you're wearing a sweatshirt that features a red pattern printed all over a black sweatshirt, coordinate by wearing black pants and red sneakers. Try to keep the number of colors to a minimum. Too many colors can be overwhelming and distracting. The main focus should be on your patterns, not the number of colors you choose to wear.

    3.  Keep it baggy – Let's face the facts: fitted sweatshirts just aren't a part of the hip hop style. If you really want to stay true to the style, you'll want your hoodie to be baggy. Opt for a hoodie that is no less than two sizes larger than your true size. You want to look put together, but at the same time laidback. This is all part of the hip hop culture and attitude. Hip hop is about keeping it real and not letting anything to get to you. This is precisely what your sweatshirt should say about you.

    What does your favorite hip hop sweatshirt look like?

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  • Celebrity Spotlight: How to Dress like Robert Alford

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    Football. Americans can't get enough of it. The season just ended, but what with trade announcements, rabid fans are not letting go. But there are other ways to express your enthusiasm. For those who want to emulate their favorite football stars, there's no better way than dressing like them. Here at BLVD Supply, we're spotlighting one of our favorites – Robert Alford, cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons. Here's how to get his look:

    1.  Go dark. One of the essential parts of Alford's look is his choice to wear a lot of black and other dark shades. Simple and tough, dark colors give your wardrobe just the right blend of carefree and brooding. Choose blacks, dark blues and slate grays to achieve the color palette that will draw eyes and keep you looking effortlessly street-savvy. Check out Alford sporting our Corpo Coach Jacket, which you can totally buy to steal his look! Or opt for our Fino Varsity Jacket for a similar style that isn't copycatting.

    2.  Get fresh. Any good street style icon has one essential staple: fresh kicks. Robert Alford is no different. How are your kicks looking these days? If they are looking a bit beaten and worn out, toss them aside and replace them with a fresh pair now! Compared to your outerwear and/or your t-shirt, these can be a bit more basic, but make sure they stand out! Simple work boots (like those shown above) can be just as eye-popping as a pair of purple sneakers when set against the dark jacket, tee, and pants that the football star usually wears. With a fresh pair of kicks like these, you'll be well on your way to capturing Alford's casual cool.

    3.  Go Minimalist. If you want to look like Robert Alford, you'll want to choose understated pieces – not loud ones. Avoid shirts, pants, and jackets with really busy patterns and lots of shiny bits. Instead, buy pieces with simple logos or ironic messages or images. A little goes a long way with this style, so make it count! To complete this look, choose a t-shirt like one of those pictured below.


    4.  Top it off. No street look is complete without a killer hat to top it off. As we said before, go with something in a dark color without too much in the way of pattern. A sports-style beanie would work well here or skate hats like our Trees 3 Snapback Hat would make a statement and complete your streetwise look. 

    What do you love the most about Robert Alford's unique sense of style? When you wear any or all of these items, you'll be able to express just how much you love the sport, the player, and the intense, yet super-simple street look! Check out our other inventory at BLVD Supply today for more style inspiration!

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  • What is Hip Hop Fashion? Certainly More than Baggy Pants and Gold Chains

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    What do you think of when you hear the term “hip hop?”

    Some think of sex, drugs, violence and money. And when it comes to clothing some picture baggy sweat pants, thick platinum or gold jewelry, oversized shirts, and flat brim hats. But hip hop is much more than all of this. It’s a culture of its own.

    What emerged from South Bronx black and Latino youth has changed over time from street culture to mass appeal. Today hip hop is often characterized by rap music, DJing, breaking dancing, and graffiti art. It has a global influence on many and much of this is due to its prominence in fashion.

    The birth of “hip hop”

    Hip hop evolved during the 1970s and in 1978 Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins unintentionally coined the term. He mimicked the rhythm of marching soldiers singing “hip hop hip hop” jokingly to a friend who had just joined the Army. Later he used the phrase in a performance and disco musicians caught on, helping the term to spread like wildfire.

    What does hip hop really mean?

    While many think of hip hop as a genre of music, hip hop is much more than that. It is an attitude and a culture. It is a voice of people and something you live rather than do. It’s a passion and a love. It is a message you tell the world.

    Hip hop fashion

    This type of fashion certainly tells a much deeper story about hip hop than what many make it out to be. It is a reflection of inner style, personality, identity and what you represent as an individual. Shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry or hats – they are real elements of a culture and expression of oneself.  

    This distinct line of fashion began at the birthplace of the culture itself. African American youth from big cities like New York, Philadelphia and Detroit. Each city contributed individually to the style of this fashion and, like all fashion types, hip hop fashion has changed significantly over the years.

    It was the in 1980s when hip hop really made its appearance. Bomber jackets, sneakers with oversized shoelaces, and multiple rings were worn. And don’t forget about woolen beanie hats and bandannas. Rapper icon MC Hammer had a big influence on hip hop fashion during this time. Eventually brands and designers followed this new trend and created new and unique clothing designs.

    In the 90’s many hip hop artists began their own fashion labels and clothing lines. Popular hip hop artists like Nelly who owns the pioneering women’s fashion line Apple Bottoms and Eminem who debuted his Shady Limited clothing line are notable examples. 

    In the 2000s fashion trends constantly changed and celebrities heavily influenced these trends. Popular brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton represented success in the ghettos and a way to a better life. And today hip hop hats have become one of the most recognizable accessories. The different types have become synonymous with the culture and fashion. Like other clothing, hats make statements due to their colors, material, stitching and pattern. Tropical, flat brim palm tree hats, wave beanies and snapback hats have become highly popular today thanks to hip hop fashion and are increasingly trendy.

    Since the introduction of different brands, hip hop fashion has become more accessible and is highly popular not only in the U.S. but around the world. While it has changed over the years, one thing remains: showing your identity through clothing. It’s not about expensive clothing; it’s about attitude.

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  • BLVD Supply On The Field

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    After a long day on the field, athletes everywhere need to look fresh stepping out the locker room and that's why Damien Wilson and David Cobb rep' BLVD Supply once the uniforms come off. Wilson and Cobb are seasoned college football players from the University of Minnesota where they finished off their senior year season with bright ambitions as they are both trained and prepared for the Scouting Combine for the 2015 NFL draft. These Minnesota Gopher players are cousins who grew up together playing for the same college team, so it's without a doubt that they both like to look fly.

    Wilson, a linebacker, and Cobb, a running back, know that they are under a microscope at the scouting combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis which is why they wanted to stand out during drills wearing BLVD Supply tees. When the field is filled with so many other athletes, something has to set you apart besides your performance and BLVD Supply has the distinct style to be remembered. Both of their successful careers with the Gophers have helped them get to this point and they know you gotta stand out to be recognized.

    Check out some of the photos below:

    David & Damien during an interview in the locker room
    David & Damien reppin' the BLVD Supply Blocked Up Tees
    David in the red Blocked Up Tee
    Damien lookin' fly in the white Blocked Up Tee
    Standing out with BLVD Supply

    It's easy to see that Wilson and Cobb stand out amongst the competition in the newest styles from the 2015 spring and summer line of urban, street and hip hop clothing. No matter which physical performance test they are doing at the scouting combine, whether it be the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press or anything else, Wilson and Cobb definitely stand out.

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  • BLVD Supply And Soulja Boy Take Over Vegas

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    Soulja Boy and the crew at BLVD Supply took over Las Vegas at the Agenda Show held in Nevada during the three-day event. The popular tradeshow brings together brands and retailers to display their latest fashions for everyone in the industry to check out. During the show which was held February 16th to the 18th, Soulja Boy was reppin' BLVD Supply to the fullest by wearing the newest styles and designs from our 2015 spring and summer hip hop street wear collection.

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you have the hottest line of clothing that truly evokes the "Tree Life" because we are all about bringing our relaxed philosophy to everyone. Our booth definitely made an impression to all who visited because we had the freshest clothing that got everyone hype. Some of our favorite supports like Chante Moore, DJ Kiss, Turf and Jas Prince stopped by to hang out and check out the BLVD Supply booth.

    According to the Agenda Show, it draws in about 10,000 buyers from every corner of the globe and tends to bring in media, celebrities and high-level fashion executives to check out the scene. We were ecstatic to make our mark and let people know about the "Tree Life" and how we aim to design the best street, urban and hip hop fashion out there.

    Check out some of the photos from Las Vegas below:

    BLVD Supply snapback hats

    Stayin' fly at the BLVD Supply booth

    Soulja Boy reppin' the latest BLVD Supply design

    Soulja Boy and the BLVD Supply Crew

    R&B singer Chante Moore snapped a BLVD Supply snapback selfie

    DJ Kiss and Soulja Boy in BLVD Supply clothing from head to toe

    Jas Prince and Soulja Boy lookin' fresh

    Turf came decked out in BLVD Supply Apparel

    You'll definitely see more of Soulja Boy and BLVD Supply at the upcoming Agenda Shows to bring the hottest fashion trends in street, urban and hip hop clothing. Be sure to add the 2015 spring and summer collection to your wardrobe for the ultimate swagger.

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